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lodge luxueux dans l'amazonie équatorienne

Localisation : France métropolitaine

  Les informations générales

Descriptif :    Hello,
My name is Sebastien Cazaudehore, I'm the founder and owner of the Hamadryade Lodge. I built the Lodge in 2007 with the idea that I could build a place that would be respectful of the environement, in the middle of the Amazon jungle... and confortable and exclusive for our clients.
After almost 10 years since we opened, my professional life is changing direction and I can no longer dedicate my time to develop the Lodge and make it prosper. Which is why I finally decided that it was time to pass it to someone else, hoping that this person will get as much pleasure and pride as I have had through all these years.
Hamadryade Lodge is :
64 hectares of Jungle
2 hecares where the lodge itself was built (over an old gold mine, when I arrived, this part of the land was in a very bad shape, so we nursed it back to health)
4 Suites bungalows of approx 60m² (Visit the page here)
1 Deluxe Bungalow for families of approx 115m² (Visit the page here)
The Main Lodge with the salon, dining room, reception and the swimming pool (approx 250m², Visit the page here)
The House for either yourselves or to use on AirBNB, as an additional lodging,... approx 170m², with the laundry room, and an employees habitation (ideal for a manager for example)
There is also the traditional Maloca, Yoga space, shamanic bath, and 3 spacious tents, in a seperated place from the lodge (100mtrs away, between the house and the Lodge).
there is an 800 mtrs long road to access from the main road (Misahualli-Tena)
The water tower
You can visit the Lodge through our VIRTUAL TOUR to get an idea of how beautiful this place is.

CA H.T. :    120 000 €

Motif de la cession :    changement d'activité professionnelle

Prix de cession :    850 000 €

  Activité(s), positionnement, clientèle

Détail de l’activité :    Hotel dde bungalows luxueux pour un tourisme d'aventure

Type de clientèle :    internationale

Année de création :    2008

Forme juridique :    E.U.R.L / S.A.R.L

En redressement :    Non

L'entreprise est :    Locataire

Les murs sont à vendre :    Oui

L'immobilier est compris :    Oui

  Chiffres Clés & Effectifs

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RE :
RN :

  Locaux et informations diverses

Détail des locaux :    5 bungalows, un bâtiment principal avec restaurant, salon, piscine, une maison (proprio ou location), un centre

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